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Ben did a phenomenal job identifying fruitful content opportunities quantitatively AND qualitatively. He really understands what it takes to rank and creates high-quality, value-driven content accordingly.

Chris Cage, Founder and CEO
Greenbelly Meals

Great SEO is more than good writing

We provide the following services

Content strategy

Get a content calendar with content ideas for the next 6 months. For each keyword, you'll get a report showing you exactly what's needed for you to rank.

Writing & Editing

Every piece of content is backed by interviews and hours of research. Our writers are guided by an SEO specialist who shows them how to write for maximum impact.

Content design

Each article is optimized for readability, skimmability, and engagement. Our team carefully designs each article to meet the specific needs of its target audience.


We'll get your post on WordPress and optimize its changes of ranking in search engines. We'll configure everything in the backend, including all on-page SEO.

See how you're doing

Not sure why your content isn't ranking? Or simply want to see what our team is capable of? Send us the link to one of your blog posts. Our team will review it and record a personalized video audit showing you how to improve and quickly get your rankings up.

Get an article reviewed

Meet your SEO wingman

Hi! I'm Ben.

I’m a content consultant with over ten years of experience in digital marketing. I've been fortunate enough to work with some amazing companies in the AdTech, eCommerce, and software industries, where I led small marketing teams.

I'm a data-driven marketer, and I don't believe in guesswork. I use tools like ahrefs, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console to constantly improve and innovate the user's content experience.

With me, you'll get content that not only ranks well but also looks visually appealing and reads well. After all, writing web content isn't the same as writing a book—people's behavior and expectations online are very particular.

So, if you're looking for a content consultant who can deliver content that engages, converts, and ranks, look no further! Introduce yourself and let's schedule a call to see how we can create some fantastic content together.


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